Fossil Grove gets funding from Glasgow City Council – 30 Nov 2023.

Today Glasgow City Council approved capital funding of £450,000 for the Fossil Grove under their People Make Communities Glasgow programme. STV news item clip below

Fossil Grove on the Radio – 17 Dec 2022

Geology on Radio Scotland! Mark from Out of Doors visited the Fossil Grove in Glasgow last week. Two pieces at 22:25 and 49:30. Rest of programme worth a listen too! #fossilgroveglasgow

Glasgow University Students Visit: 5 March 2022

Ten students plus staff spent a few hours this morning studying the Fossil Grove as part of their course at Glasgow University. Hopefully the start of regular clasases here. So much geology to see!

Students at the Fossil Grove – March 2022

Improving the drainage along the south wall – 3 March 2022

Phase 1a of the renovation project is to try and reduce the amount of groundwater getting into the building from south side. Here is Jamie Bateman looking at the main problem on the SW corner. He is working on a specification for a contractor to enlarge the channel allowing it to drain properly and be easy to sweep clean, install some new gabion retaining walling, construct new drainage traps and fix the leaking gutters.

The drain problem at the SW corner

Checking out the Ventilation – 3 March 2022

Phase 1b of the Renovation Project is to restore some more natural ventilation in the clerestory. Here we see Jamie Bateman – a specialist architect from Smith Scott Mullen Associates – up a scaffold tower assesing how these panels could be opened – like they used to 30 years ago

Checking out the clerestory vents – 3 March 2022

Gutter clearance – Dec 21-Jan-22

Gutter clearing and testing – December 2021 – January 2022

Water Ingress around Stump 11 – Dec 2021

Water from the SW drain is coming into the building and pooling up around stump 11

Gutter Clearing – November 2020

Note new ventilation grilles installed February 2020

Underground Repairs: Successfully completed on N-side downpipe – Feb 2020. Water ingress into fossil house substantially reduced!

Roof Steam Cleaning – January 2020

New Lights – installed by Fossil Grove Trust – Dec 2019

Safe working areas marked out by HES staff

Sampling the metal struts and paint with HES – January 2019

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