The exposed strata of shales and sandstones exposed here were deposited during the Carboniferous Period about 325 million years ago. Here they dip gently NE but in the wider area they are gently deformed into open folds and cut by numerous faults. Coal seams and ironstones occur to the north and east. The quarry is formed in an igneous dolerite sill, which was intruded into the sediments about 290 million years ago (Early Permian).

The links to the pages below provide more detail about the geology of the Fossil Grove and the Carboniferous Period.

Map and cross-section

Description of the trees

The fossilisation process

Geological maps

Geography of the Carboniferous

Carboniferous stratigraphy

Geological events

The British Isles in the Carboniferous

Depositional model

Animal life in the Carboniferous

The quarry

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