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Comments from the 2018 Visitor Book!

There were comments from 209 adults and 84 children. Most people either came by car or walked (about half and half).  Thirteen came by bus, 5 by bike and 4 used a taxi. The comments made were very appreciative of the fossils and the exhibit.


Love the place.

A wee gem of a place. Keep it open please.

Beautiful old trees

Truly mesmerising

Creepy and interesting. I loved it.

Definitely worth preserving.

Wow just wow!

I’m dumbfounded-something hard to believe. Thanks to the people of the Fossil Grove for preserving this and giving us a lifetime experience. (Comment from Hajeera from India)

Nicely designed exhibit (Comment from Morgan Los Angeles)

Interesting information on the moving continents (Comment from Pierre France)

Local people in particular commented on the limited opening hours. For example:-

Great to see it open for a change

It should be open more often not just weekends

Sign outside with visiting hours would be helpful.

Should be a tourist attraction and open to the public on weekdays.

The lighting problems were also commented on by several people. Comments included:-

Where is the light switch?

Fantastic discovery. Maybe the lighting could be sorted out? Half the bulbs not working-feels a bit neglected.

This is one of the greatest fossil wonders in the world. Good interpretation on signs. Needs to be lit better please. (Scott from Washington DC)

Lighting would improve the experience.

A lot of comments were also made about the poor condition of the building and there was significant concern particularly from Glasgow residents about the likely deterioration of the fossils. Comments included:-

Dry it out

Restore the building, preserve the fossils using modern technology. It’s a great place and it’s a shame to see it degrading. Also it’s under-advertised.

Incredible (shame about the rising ground water)

Fantastic thing for the park to have though the state of the building is concerning.

Fascinating but appalled at the lack of maintenance and care taken over its preservation. Do something to change this. Neglect at its worst.

Great fossils but appalling neglect of the surroundings!!!

Sad to see the run down state Fascinating history

I’ve heard about this place for years, very exciting to finally see it-sad about the condition of the building.

Would be cool to see the building better cared for.

Specific suggestions made were:-

Should have a box for donations

Some dinosaur models would be great for the kids.

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